“What’s in a name?”

Why choose the name, The Starship Asimov? I believe this name will create interest among science fiction fans in our organization. The word “starship” is a clear tie-in to science fiction and inspires visions of traveling to far off galaxies, which is exactly what science fiction does and that our “vessel” will be a place where we can collectively explore the fields of our imagination. “Asimov” refers to the one of the founding fathers of modern science fiction, Isaac Assimov, one of the most prolific science fiction writers of all time.  I deliberately choose an “old school” writer in order to welcome fans of the classics and of the books, as well fans of movies and television. Thus, the name Starship Asimov will tell potential fans that we are a club that is a open to all kinds of sci-fi fans of all kinds of sci-fi. What do you think? Please comment on this page if you are a member of WordPress, on our Facebook page, facebook.com/StarshipAsimov or e-mail your comment to starshipasimove@juno.com. Thank you.

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to The Starship Asimov! I’m so glad you chose to check out this website. My name is Ariel Klay and I wanted to give you a brief history of this club and some of my dreams of it’s future. I’ve been a fan of science fiction since the early ‘80’s and attended my first convention in 1988, joined my first fan club that same year and helped run one in the early 1990’s and another in the early 2000’s. But I have not been in a local club in over a decade and recently my heart told me, “It is time.” So I asked a friend and fellow fan if there were any active clubs in Ukiah, California, he said he didn’t know of any, but suggested I talk to the good folks at The Sword & Board, a local comic book store. The guys there said they didn’t know of any, but graciously said they would gladly hand out flyers and the owner he would be happy to allow us have our meetings there and even offered the use of the store’s TV/DVD player to watch movies! Such a deal! So our first meeting will be January will be January 9th at 2 pm at The Sword & Board, 295 N. State. St. We will be meeting to talk about sci-fi, plan future activities, have fun and enjoy some pizza, courtesy The Starship Asimov.

My hope is that The Starship Asimov will be a gathering of people who share a common love of science fiction in any and all of its beautiful formats, be it in books, graphic novels, anime, movies, role playing games and/or video games. Science fiction is sometimes known as speculative fiction and that is what I love about sci-fi, because it often challenges it’s audience to ponder some pretty deep questions, even in the middle of all the flying spaceships and laser fire, one of the biggest being, “What does it mean to be a sentient being in the middle of a complicated and often dangerous universe and how does one cope without losing one’s decency and honor?” These sorts of questions can lead to all kinds of interesting discussions. However, I’m also hoping our club can be a place where we can have fun, enjoying each others company during a movie and pizza night, a picnic/BBQ or even a bowling night, if that’s what floats the members’ boat. Regardless of what we do, it is my hope that our activities help us develop a stronger sense of community. After all, the universe is a big place, so we need to stick together! Until next time…

Live long and prosper!

May the Force be with you!

And so long and thanks for all the fish!